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How Memmes Can Make Life Joyful

Ever had a bad day at the office? Lack of appreciation, no motivation, watching the clock count down. Sucks, right? But don’t worry, this is why is here to help. Their memes are designed to brighten everyone’s day. Put a smile on their face. Chuckle and make them laugh.

Memes are a source of entertainment in the modern day. Some people spend hours, upon hours scrolling through memes and enjoying themselves. They help time fly by and bring much needed laughter to the public on a global scale.

Memes are easily accessible, extremely relateable, and make fun at the small things in life.

They are an Internet craze, and a part of modern online life. Everyone is tagging their friends to funny meme pictures and videos. Quickly spreading the joy, laughter and entertainment from one person to the next. After all, who doesn’t like to laugh?

The History of Memes

In 1976, Richard Dawkins, a writer and zoologist, created the concept of meme when he wrote the book “The Selfish Gene”. He classes a meme as a unit of information that can multiply from the ideas and information spread among individuals.

The word meme comes from the Greek language, which means imitation. This term is very well known in the internet world and it is used when any image, video, phrase, etc. becomes popular quickly among the users. “Forever alone” and “troll face” are some examples of memes.

So, a meme is known as something copied or imitated that can easily and quickly be spread among the public and, when it comes to internet, they are known as “the internet memes.” There is now quicker way to spread information in today’s society than the use of the Internet.

Furthermore, memes are mainly humoristic and will definitely provoke laughter. So, the memes function as a way of alleviating the stress in a persons system. When they laugh, the brain discharges some feel-good chemicals, such as dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins and serotonin, which perform as a way of relieving pain. Memes

They specialize in creating memes that engage their viewers, and make them laugh. From sub-genre memes like “spongebob meme”,  “Gaming Meme” and “Funny Meme”, wufak has memes for everyone. They are guaranteed to put a smile on a face.

Funny Memmes

They also have a “Stories” section, full of interesting, funny, intriguing and strange stories from around the world. Anyone who wants to keep updated on the bizzare stories happening throughout the globe should take a look here.

Anyone here a fan of Spongebob Squarepants? Wufak certainly are. They are creating Spongebob memes on a continuous basis. Relating a lovable cartoon sponge to everyday struggles!

Anyone, and everyone can have hours of fun laughing, and relating to wufak’s own uniquely designed memes.

So, sit down with them. Ease the stress. Enjoy the laughter from their memes.

Need a smile at the end of a bad day? Searching for a bit of entertainment? Looking for the bizzare and the strange? Wanting to tag mates in a meme they’ve never seen? is the place.

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