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How to Share Internet Connection with Others, and Why to Avoid it

If you have a Wi-Fi supported router and smooth geographical area, then this is a really easy. I’m going to explain you how, and I’m going to tell you why you have to avoid this for your owe safe.

How to Share Internet Connection

First of all let’s see how we share internet connection, if your Wi-Fi Router’s signal is strong enough to catch your neighbors devices, then it is easy all you have to do is to share Wi-Fi password with them. Actually, signal strength is depending on your geographical location, if you live in adjoined houses, this it will include many houses to your Wi-Fi range. What if you live large suburban or stand-alone houses, then you have to boost the signal. To boost the signal you have to buy Wi-Fi antennas and this’ll associate additional cost.

You can increase signal range as your wish, but however distance it reaches there are security threats associated with it.Internet speed reduction: this is one of major issue that you and your neighbor will meet. When you sharing internet with so many people’s it’ll be divided to all parties, so the individual person get limited speed. How much you enhanced the connection, it’ll reduce single strength in some distance, if the particular neighbors who residing that area will not get actual transmitted speed.

Network troubleshooting: when you met an internet failure, what you are doing is restarting your router of modem. This isn’t possible if the device in the neighbor’s home, so you have to go and tell them to do so. What if they are not available at the home, so they have to provide you a home key, that I don’t think it is ethical.Data protection: when it comes to data, share internet connection has a big threat to you privacy.

Why to Avoid Internet Sharing

Connecting some devices with Wi-Fi means that you create a LAN (Local Area Network), which we called WLAN. First data will go through the LAN, than it transmits over internet. There are softwares available, that possible to analyze LAN data like Wireshark, so if you access website, which are not encrypted will cause to move data to other parties, most of data like bank accounts, passwords, credit card details and etc.Law enforcement: consider your neighbor doing illegal activities using your internet connection, after it caught, then the Law enforcement agencies will question form you about those activates. You are the one who responsible for activates which are happening form your connection, so be aware about it.

Recently I shared my Wifi’s password with a friend who lives right near to my home. After some days I start noticing that my internet speed got busted, even I could’t update my status of Whatsapp messenger. I installed some tools and check that most of my internet speed was jacked by my friend as he download movies etc on regular basis. I immediately changed my Wifi’s password and send an appology message to my friend and inform him that I can’t share my internet connection with him anymore. So it is better to not share your internet connection with anyone if you want to enjoy your internet at full speed.
Finally, there are certain rules applied by ISP when you buy an internet connection, therefore read the agreement carefully and see whether share internet connection hasn’t any violations associated with it.